The War: The Dissenter Files

Written from both perspectives, Lina and Unknown are in the midst of a war…we have no information other than this moment that we find them in…will this reveal who the war is against…or will it at the very least reveal the truth about the characters dynamics…

I do not own this image: stolen from deviant art :kipine

There’s no way to run from this!! This is it, the past has caught up with us…remember what we are fighting for!

“Fighting for?”, Anubis ran towards the battlefield, charging towards his greatest fear, whilst running away from his only love. What were they fighting for?! What had led up to this moment?! All they had to do was turn their backs on the echoes of the shots ringing out…they could change it all…

She would never let them run from destruction, instead she soldiered on towards it, as if it called out, not just to her, but to her worn and shattered soul. Did it make promises of redemption? Did she hope to find some sort of closu…


You fool! You foolish, distracted creature, I’ll never reach you in time! The snow made it hard to sprint towards his corpse! That’s what it was, a corpse, a split second was all it took to turn his beating heart into a pile of fluff, colder than the ice, but prettier.

The red elixir of hope and future drained out of him at an alarming rate, I may have been running towards life…but I was only handing myself over to the lords of death.

Fight! I will not die! Fight!

I skidded to a halt, snow piling around my feet, creating mounds of safety to mock me as blasts of devastation blew past my head. I could feel the wind blowing strongly against my face, if I had time for a cinematic pose this would be it…but it wasn’t cinematic…and there would be no happy ending!

Anubis lay bleeding out in the snow…at least 2kms away from me, I could be there in three heartbeats, I’d be able to fend of the packs, I would be able to get a closer look at my target…but…

I would be hit…I would be struck down so that I could die with my crimson merging into a pool of chaos with his…for what?!

No! He was gone!

Sometimes the realist moments in life are the ones where you’re afraid, the ones that are filled with nothing but regret and panic. The terror that creeps over your heart and enrobes it’s beating pulse into nothing more than a stifled vibration of worthlessness!

What could be more real than that?! Do we lay the bodies of the ones we love to rest in fields of daisies so that they may die with a delightful fragrance and inhale it as they skip along the lesser traveled road inhaling scents of floral infusions?

No! The dead rest where they lay! Bleeding out into the snow until he drew his last breath, probably as I watched him, even likelier that it was sooner…it was a burial fit for a dead alpha. If it wasn’t…it’s not like he would return to tell me!

I do not own this image!

The blurred vision before him had to have been a side effect of the blow, he could feel the warm blood seeping out around him, being cooled by the snow in a symbiotic effort of delusion.

Why would she leave him?

Had she seen something?! Was this the moment of betrayal, the moment where she sacrificed his life for the sake of her cause! What was her cause?!

All he knew was that she existed…

He remembered nothing, not the smell of home, the ringing of a name, his identity seemed to be draining from him in unison with his blood. He wouldn’t survive out here for much longer.

There was a Woolf tooth pendant hanging around his neck…it meant absolutely nothing to him, but it felt heavier than his incapacitated body. It gleamed, it was the only thing that he could see, and he would have to depend on it as he dragged himself towards something, anything…

He needed to know who she was, and why she had left him for dead!

Dolus paced around, fist tightly clenched with nothing but a string dangling out from between his knuckles. Nothing about him screamed deity, he looked like a scruffy version of a giant that had been left behind.

He felt the warmth of the pendent in his fist…the raise of his left eyebrow was the only mannerism that caused Artemis to become curious as to what knowledge he had stumbled upon.

“Well my dear Artemis…it would appear that my son is in fact alive, and he is searching for that which is searching for me…isn’t this world and it’s chaos a wonder…only in the forest can you create a cyclone of travesty with just two players…”

Artemis fell to the floor…

“His son…”

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“Don't Rush Your Growth…It's A Natural Process…” I was scrolling through Instagrams search page, I really had no purpose for being online other than to find inspiration. I feel like we’ve reached such a sad point in human development now that everything is either social media, internet or on your bloody phone. I don't want to live this life, but how do I escape it when the people I’m trying to reach are on the other side of my wifi connection… “Don't rush your growth…it's a natural process…” I saw this by K.Tolnoe and thought to myself, am I a just a caterpillar waiting for my wings to come in…or am I a butterfly wasting my opportunity to fly. I still don't know the answer, but what I do know is that I have a story to tell, a story that might save someone just like me. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and wonder why is it that I think that I could ever have anything to offer to the world. On other days I am reminded that I have survived so that I can tell you, that you are a survivor too. If you want to know who I am, you are in for a rollercoaster ride. I’ve been living inside this body for almost 30 years and the only things that I know for certain is that I make use of the ellipsis way more than is grammatically acceptable, I might have terminal worms (because I’m always hungry), I break out into random rants and I will probably never know what I want to be when I grow up. If you want to find out about all the delightful and disgusting things that people go through but are too afraid to talk about, you've come to the right place.

One thought on “The War: The Dissenter Files

  1. I must have read multiple sections twice –

    “ The terror that creeps over your heart and enrobes it’s beating pulse into nothing more than a stifled vibration of worthlessness!“ – This is so INTENSE…

    Really captured me and thank you for continuing with this




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