The Fall: The Dissenter Files

It had been revealed that Anubis was in fact the son of Dolus… Lina, trying to recover from the loss of Anubis quickens her pace as her search for the father of her forbidden love becomes more desperate…

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The sound of my voice reminds me, that it has long since been heard…

I tell my story in shambles that resemble my life and my mind. One snap short of destruction, one snap short of ending everything.

They say “powerful females” but what they really mean are the ones they desire not the ones who stand up to their chaotic ways. Lingering with the toxic only poisons your character and awakens weakness, weakness my friend is brewing within us all the time, you need only falter in order for it to consume you!

Preying on the weak? Is that really and truly how the lesser kind find justice for their awkward existence? It’s not the weak they prey on, it’s the strong, the peaceful and the ones with clarity and certainty…if you have that you have everything to lose…they will never attain it and so they seek to destroy it.

There is a power in knowing who you are and what you stand for, fighting till the last breath but knowing when to run…run, not to escape, but to regroup. I never felt that way, until I saw him laying ahead of me, if I didn’t avenge him, no one would.

Artemis handed me the ‘Pendant of Peace and Restoration’, whispering what felt like a final goodbye, she said that it would breathe hope and clarity to whomever needed it.

Artemis was trying to tell me something, her bond to Dolus kept her trapped, bound to his will always and forever. Ensnared by his malicious intent, Artemis lost herself in his charms and promises of a bright and beautiful future! By the time she realized he sought to dim her light and use her shine for evil, she had already pledged her allegiance, and there was no going back.

The pendant gave me clarity, but it gave me no hope. Love was not hopeful, love was a weapon, used by those who sought power, but lacked courage. Confronting your own worthlessness is something only the brave do! One can attain their worth, not have it handed to them…

Anubis…my love…my foe…my downfall

The only son of Dolus and heir to his kingdom of darkness. Possessing the triad of darkness Anubis was the perfect candidate to not only counter me, but to unravel me!

How stupid I had been!! Trusting, hoping and believing that letting him into my field would save him, and perhaps…

No! I never needed anything, never wanted it at all! Swooping in and playing the role so well! Why me? What did they want, why were they seeking me out?!

Someone who had been destroyed by their chaos would become obsessed with knowing why…the desperation to seek them out would only further add to their amusement…

But I had not yet been destroyed…and in that moment I realized…they were seeking out what I had all along…peace.

I’ll never fully know the entire story and I know now that I no longer need to. Hearts are muscles and they do stay strong. I am no longer seeking that which is seeking me, the law of attraction can trap us into attracting what needs us most…trouble.

Anubis did not die in the snow; Anubis pulled the most theatrical stunt…and more than his theatrics was his belief that I in fact had betrayed HIM…madness runs in the family… “do not unto others and all that Jazz…”

Anubis has long since become a faded scar and I pity him…all he will know is darkness and desperation but he will have daddy to get him through so that they may stroke each other’s desperate egos and give the validation they need in order to breathe.

Seeing him for what he was and is…has opened my eyes to the truth about myself…

I am a lone wolf, wild and free, peaceful and fierce in equal parts…I don’t need to tame my demons, they are my guardians.

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“Don't Rush Your Growth…It's A Natural Process…” I was scrolling through Instagrams search page, I really had no purpose for being online other than to find inspiration. I feel like we’ve reached such a sad point in human development now that everything is either social media, internet or on your bloody phone. I don't want to live this life, but how do I escape it when the people I’m trying to reach are on the other side of my wifi connection… “Don't rush your growth…it's a natural process…” I saw this by K.Tolnoe and thought to myself, am I a just a caterpillar waiting for my wings to come in…or am I a butterfly wasting my opportunity to fly. I still don't know the answer, but what I do know is that I have a story to tell, a story that might save someone just like me. Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and wonder why is it that I think that I could ever have anything to offer to the world. On other days I am reminded that I have survived so that I can tell you, that you are a survivor too. If you want to know who I am, you are in for a rollercoaster ride. I’ve been living inside this body for almost 30 years and the only things that I know for certain is that I make use of the ellipsis way more than is grammatically acceptable, I might have terminal worms (because I’m always hungry), I break out into random rants and I will probably never know what I want to be when I grow up. If you want to find out about all the delightful and disgusting things that people go through but are too afraid to talk about, you've come to the right place.

2 thoughts on “The Fall: The Dissenter Files

  1. The number of times I highlighted various texts because of its depth, is only a testament to the enthralling exposé I’m which we find ourselves in.

    “ They say “powerful females” but what they really mean are the ones they desire not the ones who stand up to their chaotic ways.”

    “ Confronting your own worthlessness is something only the brave do!”

    “ I am no longer seeking that which is seeking me, the law of attraction can trap us into attracting what needs us most…trouble.”


    Nothing Else To Say


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