The Fall: The Dissenter Files

It had been revealed that Anubis was in fact the son of Dolus… Lina, trying to recover from the loss of Anubis quickens her pace as her search for the father of her forbidden love becomes more desperate… The sound of my voice reminds me, that it has long since been heard… I tell myContinue reading “The Fall: The Dissenter Files”

The War: The Dissenter Files

Written from both perspectives, Lina and Unknown are in the midst of a war…we have no information other than this moment that we find them in…will this reveal who the war is against…or will it at the very least reveal the truth about the characters dynamics… There’s no way to run from this!! This isContinue reading “The War: The Dissenter Files”

Lina Rogue: The Dissenter Files

Lina has a heartfelt moment…causing us to question if she really knows who or what she is… Part 4 Some days…not all of them, but some…I would stare off into the distance waiting for him to appear. The tracks in the snow were always of prints that belonged neither here nor there, but they certainlyContinue reading “Lina Rogue: The Dissenter Files”

Lina Rogue: The Dissenter Files

Part 3 Lina divulges the exchange from her first encounter with the Unknown… A master of illusion… A trickster of the unfathomable…a volatile catalyst destined for putrefaction but settling comfortably into delusions of magnificence instead. I could be speaking about him…I could be referring to me…I could be talking about you… So wrapped up inContinue reading “Lina Rogue: The Dissenter Files”

Unknown Part 1: The Dissenter Files

An excerpt from the wanderers files. The wanderer lost to the world and to himself. Is magic not fickle too?? Existing for only so long as the believer believes? Is love any different? Does it exist in any more of a tangible shape or form than the sorcery that rises out of a few whisperedContinue reading “Unknown Part 1: The Dissenter Files”

Lina Rogue: The Dissenter Files

Part 2 Courage…courage is everything… They say to conquer life you must conquer your fears…but I don’t want to conquer life, I want to live it! Roaming the woods, wild and free whilst silent and untraceable…if you flinch, you die. Living alone brings about a certain amount of trauma, whilst it allows for a differentContinue reading “Lina Rogue: The Dissenter Files”

Lina Rogue: The Dissenter Files

A quick note to say that I don’t often dabble in short stories…but I’m trying my hand at a series…and I’d love feedback (that says I’m awesome …I cry Easy). Anyone with art ideas I’d love to see them 😍 Thank you….as you were💖 Her tangled locks sloshed down onto her bare skin as sheContinue reading “Lina Rogue: The Dissenter Files”

The Effects Of Trauma

Warning: The following post may contain graphic images (I’m being dramatic, it doesn’t.) Castor oil… if you grew up in any sort of brown (Indian) household, you know exactly why this would fall under trauma. Now I’m not entirely sure if this is something that just South African Indians practice, or if it extends toContinue reading “The Effects Of Trauma”

For Just A Moment

I started my day the way that I always do…a chocolate I know I shouldn’t have…prayer…and a moment to spend in gratitude! I had a feeling that my patience would be tested today, so I tried to emphasize the positive energy while praying (because tricking God is how you get ahead)… As my mind wouldContinue reading “For Just A Moment”

You Are What You Eat

There’s one thing in this world that I know better than anything else and that’s food! I could never have been a chef because I’m a little piggy who would eat up all the orders…I could never be a dietitian because I hate the way that they are required to categorize deliciousness as if itContinue reading “You Are What You Eat”

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